Friday, February 24, 2006


I recently bought Hobby Models 1 and 8, published by Stenboden from Pristine's Beads, a store in Alaska. They had wonderful service; I was very pleased.
Now, about the books. They are very concise and for the most part text. So far, I have made the Crocus and Snowdrop. I am planning on making all of the examples in both books (however I will probably save the trees for last). The designs are quite pretty and unique, though sometimes it felt like they weren't explained thoroughly enough (like binding the small leaves in the Crocus). I think this is because I'm used to the books here which walk you pretty much step by step through everything. One thing I really liked though was the wrapping of the stem with wire. It really makes for a nice 'glossy' finish if you use silver plated colored wire (like on the Snowdrop).

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Diana - Boa's Botanicals said...

This snowdrop is one of my favorite patterns. I don't happen to think this is an easy pattern! The center was very confusing for me as a beginner....but i still love it. It's so delicate!