Friday, February 24, 2006

Original Flower

This little flower is an original design. It went very quick and easy, since I used wraparound loops for the flower. The leaves were experimental. The sepals are just tubular netting. I made this in about a day (well, two actually, but that's because I can only bead in the evenings), and I didn't really feel like doing anything fancy with the stem. I hope you enjoy my work =)
I have drawn out a small pattern for this flower. I have included brief descriptions here; you will find more detailed ones when you look at the pictures. First, there are the petals and the center. The drawings show the technique involved in making them, not the number of beads. Next the leaves: these have numbered beads as they follow a specific pattern. (Click on "all sizes" to see the large version of the image. It should be directly under the name, in the upper left hand corner of the image). Finally, the sepals, which are done in two parts: part 1 and part 2. The sepals should be added on after the petals and center have been made since the tubular netting is quite tight. Then, add the leaves. Feel free to modify this pattern as you like!

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